For Teams and Leagues

These days, sports and social media go hand in hand. It's true in high school, college and the pros. Until now, coaches and teams have struggled for a way to vet incoming players and monitor existing players to ensure that the program is attracting high quality individuals and that players don't slip up online and jeopardize their status or the team's reputation.

ThirdDown, a member of the ThirdParent network, has been specifically designed to help teams protect their image and their players every step of the way. Whether your team or organization is looking for a standard player monitoring package or a custom solution, we're confident that ThirdDown has an offering and price point that will suit your needs.

For Players

If you're a player looking to get to the next level, we have a solution for you too.

"I didn't realize those pictures were public."

"I could have gotten kicked off the team."

"College and Pro were always my dream, but some stuff I had posted online definitely could have screwed up my chances."

These testimonials sound familiar?

Every day, athletes are negatively affected by seemingly innocent or downright thoughtless or cruel social media posts.  And these effects can be devastating: loss of scholarships, kicked off teams, or getting passed over for the next opportunity.  ThirdDown can help any athlete ensure that attitude, teamwork and ability - not online activity - determine the next opportunity.