Streamlining the College Admissions Process

We live in a digital age and many high school students today document much of their lives online.  As a prestigious university, we understand that your admissions, scholarship and financial aid decisions consider all aspects of an applicant, and often times this can include his or her online presence.

What is happening in your admissions department. Perhaps some staff members are checking the web and social media and others aren't. For those who are, are the same standards being applied? For those who aren't, perhaps they are missing an opportunity to identify the best candidates.

ThirdU, a member of the ThirdParent network, has been designed specifically to aid universities in screening applicants.  ThirdU checks an applicant’s social media activity andhistory and gives you a Social Score based on its findings.

ThirdU's service can be customized to fit the needs of your institution. When considering the character of an applicant, are there strengths or weaknesses which weigh heavily on your admission criteria? These can be incorporated into the ThirdU service to make sure that the online monitoring that is done dovetails with the admission criteria that your admissions officers are using.