TPShieldTransAs soon as we heard about ThirdParent we signed up — and have been breathing easier ever since.  Our son was fully onboard too.  We are all working hard to support his desired future, and ThirdParent is a great addition to the team!  They do what we cannot do to monitor his online reputation, they are very easy to work with – and they care.  The name ThirdParent says it well!

Randi N., Pennsylvania

TPShieldTransThirdParent has been so helpful in helping me keep an eye on my teenage boys’ online presence. Thank you so much for finding and showing me how to correct these issues!

Dr. Jen T., Readington NJ

TPShieldTransAs a single dad, my daughter and I have always had a close, open relationship. Then one evening, she came out of her room upset, but refused to tell me what was going on. For the rest of the week, she was a different person – quiet, kept to herself and wouldn’t talk to me when I asked her what was wrong. I had heard about cyberbullying happening at her school and suspected that was the issue. ThirdParent’s audit uncovered a female classmate had been leaving mean comments about my daughter’s appearance on her Facebook photos as well as making fun of her on her personal page. Once I knew what was going on, I turned to ThirdParent again to help me take steps to resolve the problem and protect my daughter from further abuse.

Jeff B. Daughter, age 14 Hartford, CT

TPShieldTransI have been working with Third Parent for more than a year and I find them to be a valuable resource for online child safety and privacy. Their knowledge and experience has been very helpful and I look forward to working with them in the future.

Greg K., Online Safety Professional, North Carolina

TPShieldTransI’d been hearing a lot about kids abusing social media on the news, so my husband and I decided to look into what social media sites our son is active on. We tried and failed to find anything, so I contacted ThirdParent to help find what I couldn’t. Thank goodness they know much more than I do about what’s happening in the online universe! The audit showed us that our son was tweeting about hating his math teacher, which could have been mistaken for a threat. He could have gotten suspended (or worse!) if someone reported it to the school. Thankfully, with ThirdParent’s audit, we were able to talk to him about his actions online before his comments became a problem.

Barbara M. Son, age 15 Swampscott, MA

TPShieldTransAs the mother of three young children, I didn’t think I had anything to worry about regarding social media until my kids were in high school. But when I saw that my oldest daughter, an 8th grader, had visited on our family computer, I contacted ThirdParent to see where else online she may have accounts. ThirdParent was able to find not only her Facebook page, but Twitter and Instagram accounts as well. The audit pushed me to sit all of my children down and have an open, constructive discussion about the potential dangers of social media and showed me that my kids are a lot more tech-savvy than I thought!

Diane P. Daughter, age 12 Philadelphia, PA

TPShieldTransMy son is an accomplished athlete who wants to play baseball and water polo at the college level. I heard college recruiters and coaches often check applicants’ social media accounts, so I hired ThirdParent to ensure that he hadn’t posted anything on his Facebook page that could hurt his chances of acceptance. What I learned is that he was active on more than just Facebook. While his online activities were mostly clean, ThirdParent was able to find some racist and profane material that could have cost him an athletic scholarship and his future. Thanks to the audit, his chances are better to get the scholarship he wants, and he now knows that his social media activity is a reflection on his character.

Tony Z. Son, age 16 Ontario, Canada

TPShieldTrans“Rob and his team are amazing. I spent 5 years with getting no results. In just one month he and his team were able to get rid of my negative content. They are great!”

KR, New York, NY

TPShieldTransI suspected that my son had posted inappropriate content online. ThirdParent was able to find it quickly and take a load off my mind.

DK, Milltown NJ

TPShieldTransI have known the folks from ThirdParent for years. They offer a very valuable service for parents of college bound kids – especially scholarship candidates. I give them my highest recommendation both for the results they produce and their integrity.

JD, Independent College Counselor

TPShieldTransThirdParent quickly found some very inappropriate content posted by my son (or one of his friends as a prank). We were able to clean it up and move on. Good stuff!

AB, Central NJ

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Can I do this myself?

Since ThirdParent only searches publicly available information, a reasonably tech savvy parent may be able to do some or most of what we do in the course of an audit in 6 – 10 hours. However, we would caution that most parents are unaware of all of the websites and social networks frequented by youths.  Additionally, ThirdParent has developed a technology platform and a number of proprietary processes used in the course of an audit that most parents would be unable to duplicate on their own.

How do you define inappropriate behavior?

We do not. We flag any content that may be deemed inappropriate, and parents can deal with it as they see fit, with the help of a recommendation from us in most cases.

Do I need to install any monitoring software?

The ThirdParent solution does not involve installing monitoring software on your child’s devices. In addition to privacy concerns, we are well aware that if your child knows you are monitoring their every move online, it might prompt them to undertake deceptive practices to hide what they’re really doing. Our solution gives you an honest look.

What about Website Blocking Software?

We believe that the benefits of healthy online activity far outweigh the risks. By using software to block any websites or networks that may contain inappropriate content, you may be shielding your child from much of what is good online, or force your teen to do her browsing on another device.

Why do I need a re-audit every six months?

Because things change. Over a six-month period, your child is likely to join new social networks, some of which might not even have existed at the time of the current audit. Doing re-audits keeps your Social Score up to date.

How do I contact ThirdParent?

You can contact us by using the Live Chat feature on this site, by emailing or by calling (844) 524-7790.