How do I contact ThirdParent?

You can contact us by using the Live Chat feature on this site, by emailing info@thirdparent.com or by calling (844) 524-7790.

I am not interested in ongoing monitoring. Can I just get an audit?

Yes, you can get a standalone audit for $75. Click here to select our Basic Plan.

Why do I need a re-audit every six months?

Because things change. Over a six-month period, your child is likely to join new social networks, some of which might not even have existed at the time of the current audit. Doing re-audits keeps your Social Score up to date.

What about Website Blocking Software?

We believe that the benefits of healthy online activity far outweigh the risks. By using software to block any websites or networks that may contain inappropriate content, you may be shielding your child from much of what is good online, or force your teen to do her browsing on another device.

Do I need to install any monitoring software?

The ThirdParent solution does not involve installing monitoring software on your child’s devices. In addition to privacy concerns, we are well aware that if your child knows you are monitoring their every move online, it might prompt them to undertake deceptive practices to hide what they’re really doing. Our solution gives you an honest look.

How do you define inappropriate behavior?

We do not. We flag any content that may be deemed inappropriate, and parents can deal with it as they see fit, with the help of a recommendation from us in most cases.

Can I cancel my ongoing monitoring at any time?

Yes. You can cancel at any time from your "My Account" page or by reaching out to our support group at info@thirdparent.com or 844.524.7790.

Can I do this myself?

Since ThirdParent only searches publicly available information, a reasonably tech savvy parent may be able to do some or most of what we do in the course of an audit in 6 – 10 hours. However, we would caution that most parents are unaware of all of the websites and social networks frequented by youths.  Additionally, ThirdParent has developed a technology platform and a number of proprietary processes used in the course of an audit that most parents would be unable to duplicate on their own.

Do you look at emails and text messages?

No. Unless a private message or other content is posted to the internet or social media and made public, we will not be able to see it.

Do I need to supply user names and passwords?

We never ask for user names or passwords. We only search for publicly available information that may be found by someone searching for your teen.

How long does the reporting process take?

In most cases, we complete the initial audit and deliver results within 3 weeks.

Is my teen’s privacy guaranteed?

Yes. We will never divulge, transmit or share any information about or posted by your teen to anyone except to you.