Bullying has been an issue in our society since the beginning of time. With the recent rise in computer, smartphone and social media use, cyberbullying is now a major issue for parents and schools. Much of the bullying that previously took place on the school ground has now moved to the digital realm, and can have more far-reaching effects.

According to a recent research conducted by PEW Internet Research Center, 33% of US teens have been subjected to some form of cyberbullying, and the numbers don’t appear to be in decline despite heightened efforts by schools and legislators.

Cyberbullying can take many forms:

  • Sending or forwarding mean or hateful text or other messages
  • Impersonating other people online in order to deceive or embarrass
  • Spreading lies and rumors about victims
  • Tricking people into revealing personal information
  • Posting cruel or hateful messages in online forums or on message boards
  • Posting pictures of victims without their consent
  • Subtweeting or other anonymous messaging

At ThirdParent, we believe that cyberbullying prevention begins at home. As a parent, you may suspect that your child is being bullied, or that he himself is doing the bullying. Your child’s school may even have reported that there is evidence of bullying behavior as a result of something that happened at school.

It makes sense that you want to be sure that your child is not involved in cyberbullying, as research has shown that cyberbullying effects can be more profound and longer lasting than those related to traditional bullying. With cyberbullying, the perpetrators can be anonymous, the acts can happen 24/7, social networks and messaging apps allow the abuse to reach a larger audience, and the evidence can be permanent.

Now there is a solution built just for parents that helps define cyberbullying incidents and issues and offers a roadmap to clean up indiscretions or hurtful incidents and content. Since it is nearly impossible for parents to be aware of everything that teens and even pre teens are doing online, ThirdParent offers helpful resources to help clarify whether cyberbullying is taking place, and offers suggestions so that parents can ensure a better course of action going forward.

Our confidential audit is the ideal solution to ascertain how and whether cyberbullying is taking place, or whether you are the parents of a suspected bully or a victim.

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