Cell Phones

Smartphones have become a fixture in the hands of children and teens everywhere, and they are here to stay. In the U.S., 78% of teens own some kind of cell phone, and most of those are smartphones. This new era of always having a computer at your fingertips has ushered in multiple possibilities for communication and media consumption, but has also opened up teens and pre teens up to a host of ways they can put themselves at risk or get themselves into trouble. What should parents be worried about? In addition to youths spending too much time on their phones and normal teen drama, the main issues that arise from improper smartphone use fall into a few categories:

  • Predator risk
  • Negative consequences from bad behavior including
  • Cyberbullying
  • Sexting and revenge porn
  • Accessing inappropriate content
  • Inattention at school
  • Identity theft
  • Spam/Malware/Viruses

You probably agree that your children are using their phones far differently than you are using yours, but it is no easy task understanding what your children are up to when connected with their device. We have the answers that you need.

You can start with the basics, such as helping your child with passwords and setting age filters for app downloads, but by partnering with ThirdParent, you will have a clear picture of what unsafe or inappropriate actions your child is engaging in via smartphone, and a clear roadmap to guiding better behavior.

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