You Trust. We Verify.

The internet is a hazardous place. Is your child’s online privacy at risk? Are your kids protected from predators and dangers of the digital age such as cyberbullying? Is it sufficient to trust our kids to navigate cyberspace on their own?

At ThirdParent, we believe trust has its place – but it’s our responsibility as parents to know that trust is warranted by mature, safe behavior. At the most basic level of safety, kids can post too much information about their whereabouts and activities — even unknowingly through location-aware smart phones. Teen Facebook and Instagram activity may seem innocent, but look damning to a college admissions officer or future employer. Teens can make honest mistakes and forget about them; unlike the missteps of our childhood, today’s lapses in judgment can remain on the Internet and come back to haunt years later.

With the internet and social media in a constant state of change, it’s impossible to know every website or social media network your teen visits, not to mention the in’s and out’s of how information is posted and seen. To complicate matters, 70% of teens report hiding online activity from parents, according to a recent study by security software maker McAfee. What you can’t see may be very harmful.

That’s where ThirdParent’s solution comes in. Created by parents for parents, we specialize in internet protection for teens and kids. ThirdParent provides professional monitoring and reporting of kids’ online activity to help safeguard them and their reputation, today and in the years to come. Based on discreet audits, our confidential reports arm you with the information, tools and resources you need be an appropriately protective parent in the digital age.