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Are you a guidance counselor, recruiter or HR professional? The wealth of publicly available information associated with an individual creates valuable opportunities and serious challenges, both for adults concerned with their online reputations, as well as the professionals working with these young men and women.  As a guidance counselor, you may already be dealing with the harsh realities of digital age, like cyberbullying, “slut shaming” and “revenge porn.”  As a recruiter or HR professional, you may want to know how to supplement the traditional hiring process with online reputation monitoring, while navigating issues of privacy and appropriateness.

With the internet and social media in a constant state of change, it’s impossible to know every website or social media network a teen or young adult visits, not to mention the in’s and out’s of how information is posted and seen. ThirdParent sees the entire digital landscape and knows how to make it work it for you.  From in-school and in-office presentations and training on social media reputation management, to customized auditing services, to custom reporting on geo-fenced public social media content, ThirdParent can serve as an invaluable resource for your students or organization.

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