Knowledge is power. Reputation is everything.

More and more colleges, universities and employers are checking out applicants’ social media presence online. Do you know what a prospective admissions counselor or employer would uncover with a Google search?  Are you concerned about your (or your teen’s) online reputation? From innocent mistakes made online, to the malicious behavior of others, the information associated with one’s name on the Internet can be inaccurate, misleading or downright damning. Facebook and Instagram activity may seem innocent, but look unfavorable to a college admissions officer or future employer. Something posted today can remain on the Internet and come back to haunt its author years later. Others can deliberately malign a victim’s reputation through cruel activities of the digital age, like cyberbullying, “slut shaming” and “revenge porn.” At ThirdParent, we believe that knowledge is power: being aware of what information is associated with one’s name on the Internet is the first step to protecting, cleaning up and managing one’s reputation. That’s where ThirdParent comes in. Whether you’re a parent, or a teenager looking to understand and safeguard your online reputation today and throughout your career, you’ll benefit from ThirdParent’s professional, discreet monitoring and reporting services. Our confidential reports will arm you with the information, tools and resources needed to repair and manage a positive online reputation.