Facebook is the largest social networking service with over one billion users, over half of whom access the site from a mobile device. Facebook is intended to connect users with friends, family and work associates. Facebook users set up a profile and use the service to post pictures, communicate with friends, play games and form groups. Facebook friends are able to post public information or send private messages to other users. Facebook’s user policies prohibit posts including threats, bullying, harassment, hate speech, promotion of self-harm, most graphic content, nudity and pornography. Some extremely graphic content, such as videos of beheadings, are permitted.

Especially with younger users, we recommend that user profile is set to private, and that teens do not accept friend requests from or communicate with people that they do not know.

Facebook users should understand that their pictures and “Likes” may be used in ads.

Facebook users must be at least 13 years of age, but there is no guarantee that younger users who misrepresent their age will be caught.k