Pinterest is an image-based social networking service that boasts 70 million users who use the network to post their own photos or pictures found on the web.

Posts are called “Pins”, and are either images posted to Pinterest or links to images from elsewhere on the web. Users organize Pins into “Boards” based on a user-defined category. Users typically both create their own Boards and follow Boards created by others.

Pinterest’s user policies prohibit posts including threats, bullying, harassment, hate speech, promotion of self-harm (including eating disorders), most graphic content, explicit sexuality and pornography. Content that is fraudulent, deceptive or that infringes on others’ property rights is also prohibited.

There are no user privacy settings on Pinterest, but users can block their profile from showing up in search results, and can also mark their Boards as private.

Pinterest users must be at least 13 years of age, but there is no guarantee that younger users who misrepresent their age will be caught. As there is very little inappropriate content on the site, parents of young users needn’t be too worried.