Tinder is a dating app, which matches potential mates within a specified geographic area and age range.  Registered users are shown pictures of people in their area who match their desired specifications, and can “swipe left” to decline or “swipe right” to indicate and interest. If both parties swipe right, the two can initiate a conversation, which may lead to an in person meeting.

Tinder users log in by linking their Tinder account to their Facebook profile. The age limit as stated is 13, but if you’ve lied about your age on Facebook, that fake age will satisfy Tinder. While the age limit is 13, we strongly recommend that parents of teens under 18 forbid them from using the app. Tinder is commonly used for random no-strings hookups, not for traditional dating. Parents should also know that some users on Tinder are sexual predators.

Content and commentary that is illegal, harassing or explicitly sexual is prohibited on Tinder. The basic Tinder service is free for all users; Tinder Plus costs $9.99 per month ($19.99 per month for users over 30).