We Heart It

We Heart It is an image-based social networking service and app that recently passed the 30 million user mark. Users can post their own photos or pictures that they find on the internet. Users are largely females under the age of 24, and 80% of users access it via a mobile app.

Users have a homepage called a “canvas” and can post pictures to “collections”.

There is no text commenting on We Heart It. Users can only like a picture by “Heart”ing it, or ignore it. Because of this, there is a distinct lack of abuse and cyberbullying on the site.

Some nudity is permitted on the site, but their Terms of Service prohibits most inappropriate content, including harassment, threats, anything depicting sexual acts, discriminatory in nature or promoting self-harm. Content that is fraudulent, deceptive or that infringes on others’ property rights is also prohibited, but there are frequent reports of content that violates copyright laws being posted to the site.

There are no user privacy settings on We Heart It. If you post something, it is public.

Users can select in their user settings whether or not they want mature content displayed.

We Heart It users must be at least 13 years of age, but there is no guarantee that younger users who misrepresent their age will be caught. Because of the nudity on the site, parents of young users should proceed with caution.