For Companies and Organizations

Are you sure that you are recruiting the best candidates possible? Perhaps your recruiting process could be streamlined, or made more cost effective, by eliminating risky candidates early in the interview or onboard process.

ThirdPro is a member of the ThirdParent network especially designed for the hiring process of corporations and other organizations.

By building social media screening into the recruiting process, you can be sure that the latest technology is being applied to what is arguably the most used communications platform in existence - social media.

93% of companies are recruiting online, but far fewer are using online tools to ensure that they are hiring the best candidates. Contact ThirdPro today to take a step forward in the hiring process.

For Individuals

Protecting Your Professional Reputation

Have you ever been passed over for that job because of photos found when you were on Spring Break back in college?  "How did they find that?” you thought, "I thought my profile was private enough."  Would you even know if that was why you were passed over?

Well now you can protect your career goals with ThirdPro.

ThirdPro is the only reputation management tool that you need to ensure that your online profiles and activity do not get in the way of your career goals.

ThirdPro checks your social media history and generates a Social Score for your use alone.  The ThirdParent professionals can then help you to remove unwanted and inappropriate social media content that can be a turnoff to employers.  And unlike other reputation management companies whose results may be fleeting,  with ThirdPro once the problems have been removed or substituted, that's it.  Don’t miss out on another job opportunity - sign up for ThirdPro today!